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Welcome into Super Tag Champions, a local multiplayer couch / action game where you're playing the cat game with your friends. Catch them and try to outrun when you can !  It can be playable at 2 to 4 players with controllers.

Use your skills to outrun the cat or to catch these mouses ! No holds barred in these place, be ready !

Up to 2 or 4 players one of you'll be the cat for a while and will try to get these mouses. Run, jump and dash all over the environment, the one with the best score will have the famous title of "Master Chaser"!

Tricks your friends with these features

  • A local mode at 4 players to beat your friends
  • Many arenas on food theme  
  • Run, jump and dive all over the environment with your character
  • A camera which act like a TV show one

How to make tricks ?

  • Left joystick to run
  • A / X to jump
  • RT,LT / R2,L2 to dive

Mouses and cats be ready !

This game is a vertical slice we've made in 5 mouths of development with 11 person team. We hope you'd like to play this game as much as we'd like to create it.


Produced by - Allan Claver and Robin Chaffard

Designed by -Alexandre Le Van and Alvin C.

Programmed by-Albane Mollière and Maxime Filipovich

Graphics by -Alizée André and Valentine Collet

Sounds and Musics by  -Tom Douault, William Dupis and Geoffrey Turpin

Special thanks to Benjamin Vidal and Hugo Scott who help us on th music and the voice over in the game ;) 

Special tips 

At the level selection hit the button by diving on it to select a level  :)

If you want to play the game online with your friends you can play it through the software Parsec, check this out :) 

Install instructions

Download the archive you want, 2 players or 4 players and unzip it. Well now play the game as much as you want ;) Enjoy!


SuperTagChampions.zip 277 MB
SuperTagChampions_2players.zip 277 MB

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