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Hello everyone !

We're happy to present you The slemmings , our game from the "Bourse du JV Game Jam". 

In order to promote the initiative of this grant for students who wanted to make their studies into the video game industry, we have made a little game in 3 days that you can play with your friends ;). 

A lot of Slimes !

In our game your goal is to set up multiple ways with you friend in order to help the slimes to move foward. Create different lines which goes up or down, take off the multiple obstacles on the way and  bring these slimes to the finish line.


Mallaurie Le Bihan, Artist 3D

Nadège Rafron, UI / UX Artist

Milan Kasprzrak, Programmer

Gregory Chicone, Game Designer, Programmer

Allan Claver, Producer / Game Designer / Level Designer

Special notes

If you want to play in multiplayer online with our game, just play with Parsec on it

Do not hesitate to comment your feeling about our game :) 

How to install the game  

1-Download the Slemmings ZIP

2-Extract the Slemmings ZIP

3-Click on the Slemmings excecuter

4-Launch the game named The Slemmings

5-It's a lot of slemmings around here


Slemmings.zip 31 MB

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