A downloadable game for Windows

Conditions of the project : Game Jam

Type : Puzzle game
Working time on the game : 15h
Team : Erwan Cochon, Colin Marrasse, Leandry Betr, Pierre-Louis Verguin, Allan Claver,  Maxime Chaize
Engine used : Unity 3D
Platform : PC
Language : C#

Concept : Made during a game jam, this game has a synthwave artistic direction. It consist in a Puzzle Game where you need to shoot a signal from a point to another to finish the level.

Constraints :
-15 hours separated on 3 days.
-2 programmers, 3 artists, 1 designer
-Concept of the game imposed.

Personal work on the project :

- Game design

-Level design


Frequence 252.0.zip 70 MB

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